What is Yoga Therapy?

In the lineage of the teachings of T. Kryshnamacharya, one of the pioneers of adapting yoga techniques for therapy, Yoga therapy is bringing yoga to each individual, meeting them where they are to suit their needs and capabilities.

It is the adaptation of yoga practices for people with health challenges. Yoga therapists prescribe specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs. It helps to promote all-round positive health, as well as assisting particular medical conditions.

A yoga therapist designs a personal practice unique to each person using the many tools of yoga. Musculoskeletal issues, cardiac issues, metabolic issues, cognitive and psychological disorders, geriatric issues, auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders, depression and anxiety, neurological conditions, women’s issues and more.

Yoga therapy is done one on one, I will meet you at your house or at my home studio. Together we will design a routine just for you that you can fit easily in your daily life and enjoy.