Benefits of Slow Yoga

Why practice yoga SLOWLY?

Do you live in an aging body (over 40 when the aging process begins)?

Are you experiencing aches and pains,

Recovering from an injury,

Living with an injury or chronic illness,

Having a hard time managing stress

Then S L O W yoga is for you

S low down

to move Safely, Strengthen, Stretch, Maintain and increase your range of movement … slow down the aging process

S low down

to connect with and listen to your breath,

S low down

to go inward, follow your intuition, study yourself,

S low down

and watch the changes happen. 

Moving slowly

Sends a message to the nervous system to restore,

Reduces greatly any risk of injury, increases greatly the abilities of the body to repair,

Induces a feeling of safety to experience the 5 layers of ourselves. Physical, Energetic, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Allows self awareness of our bodies internally and in space,

Encourages ease of movement, making the practice playful, pleasurable, and nongoal oriented, counteracting the effects of our very goal-oriented lives.