Linda T.
“Yesterday’s slow yoga was such a treat. Exactly what I needed for body, mind, and spirit. I am getting such relief from tensions in the neck, upper back, lower back, and even the parts I didn’t realize were tight, like the hips. Your teaching approach is wonderful. Really made a difference physically and emotionally!”

Deborah D.
“When I left Laetitia’s class, I not only felt a calm that I rarely feel yet always crave… I left energized and ready to meet the challenges of my daily life.”

Amy G.
“Spending an hour and a half with Laetitia at the end of my day leaves me feeling so calm and centered that I begin to notice everything I am grateful for in my life instead of turning to worry about what is yet to come.”

Florence B.
“”The class was exactly what I needed. You brigthen all of us with your eternal grace, so grateful you are here “

Alison B.
“A wonderful class! For all levels of yoga practitioners, the class offers an hour and 30mn of movement and relaxation. Laetitia provides a beautiful space this is not like many of the yoga studios where students are lined up cheek and jowl. Her studio is a safe, intimate environment where her gentle instruction guides you through poses bringing you into a profoundly meditative state. Youll end the class relaxed and rejuvenated. A welcome respite from the stress and strain of everyday life.”

Sharon G.
“Thank you for a lovely class yesterday. It left me with a warm glow and a deep sense of peace for the rest of the day. Hopefully, it was that flow of sweet nectar but whatever the source, the result was most satisfying.”

Gus – 16 years old
“WOW, this was amazing!”

Chloe Z.“Time and time again, Laetitia’s “GOYA” Yoga is a joyful and healing experience. Her classes are a balanced mix of dynamic stretching poses, deep relaxation, and ever-changing journeys inwards through a well-guided breathing exercise.”

Yolanda G.
“It’s her passion, yet she teaches it in the calmest and quietest way and with lots of humor. I like the slow and deep work we do in some of her special classes, targeting specific issues. Also, she explains each movement, so you know what benefit it can bring you. She teaches you to be fully immersed and in the moment, to show up for yourself, not only on the yoga mat but by extension in our life. By this serene approach, you create more space for calm and peace inside in order to replenish yourself. A gentle way to restore mind, body and spirit. I recommend it.”

Regina W.
“One can count on Laetitia’s very thoughtful and deep resources on yoga-health-mind connections, exploring, letting go, strengthening and tender support!”

Catherine – private student
“The slow yoga that I experienced taking one on one classes with Laetitia still has an important impact on my life today. After only a few sessions, I was able to remember to breathe deeply anywhere, anytime and keep a good posture to eliminate common body aches and pains. The stretching and breathing exercises keep me more flexible and relaxed in my old age. The transformation in my everyday mood is palpable and I am thankful that I met Laetitia who is patient, kind and most of all, incredibly knowledgeable in her field.”